Yes, you can return the item in its original condition with its original packaging within seven days of delivery with the exception of any HAZMAT designated purchases.
You can choose any FREIGHT company.
Once you have packed your item the way it was shipped, you call the shipping company, pay for the freight and send it back.
Upon receipt of your item, we will send you the refund check minus the 20% restock fee and the outgoing freight charges, as shown in the Store Policy.
It is important that you email us the Return Tracking Number within seven days from the receipt of your product, otherwise your return will be rejected.
It will also be rejected if it is not shipped on a pallet as it was sent to you.
Go to our Contact page and send us an email for a return address.
If more than seven days has passed since you received the item than you cannot return it.
If you need service, please go to