Ihelp for the Fat Tire Electric Tricycle FT-1900X

1/Open the shipping container.

(some shipment may look different, depending on its packaging method) Make sure to be careful when removing the trike from the container so it will not be scratched. (any such claim will be dismissed once the trike is removed)

2/ Handlebar installation.

A. Loosen the screws with an allen wrench and pull up the end piece.

B. Pull up the handle bar holding piece and lightly tighten the screw.

C. Remove the four (4) screws from the handle bar holding clamp with an allen wranch

D. Insert the handlebar into the holding clamp

E. Install the top part of the removed clamp on the handle bar and lightly tighten the four (4) screws. Once you have positioned the handlebar to your comfort, you may tighten all the screws,including these and the screw in picture A.

3/ Front wheel assembly.

A. Untight the axle nuts and insert the wheel into the forks. Make sure that the disc brake is properly inserted.

B. Check the safety nut. It must be facing up to provide enough support.

C. After the wheel is installed and the nuts are tighten, connect the power cable coming from the front wheel to the trike. THE TWO ARROWS MUST FACE EACH OTHER.

4/ Front basket installation. (see bottom of the page if you have the folding version)

A/ Loosen the four (4) screws.

B/ Install the front basket then tighten the screws with an allen wrench.

5/ Install the front light and the front fender. These must be done at the same time.

6/ Pedal installation. Check to make sure that you insert the Right side pedal into the Right side crank and the Left side pedal into the Left side crank. First, do it gently by hand. If you mess it up than the threads will be distoyed and no claims will be accepted.

Some operating features of your tricycle.

1/ Instert the key in the battery’s switch to turn ON the battery.

2/ You may press the ON button on the top of the battery, you will see the remaing charge left.

3/ To turn ON the trike (after the steps in point 1 and 2) you have to press the M button on the left sid eof the handle bar for about 10 seconds or so.

4/ Once the trike is powered ON, you will see the digital display lit up.

5/ How to change Modes on the display?

Press the Down or Up arrows on the controller (see the picture in point 3. above.

In PAS 1 the trike can be started by the motor power (turn the throttle on the right hand side) alone without pedaling

In pas 0 you can pedal without the motor assist.

To view the odomater or change it to trip where you can see the distance, just press the M button.

6/ What to do when an ERROR massage comes up on the display?.

Press the red button on the right side of the handle bar to reset it. If it does not correct it than shut off the trike by the battery key, wait about 10 seconds and turn it back again (you may still haveto press the Red button afterwards).

7/ What are these buttons?

A. Headlight switch

B. Rear directional lights

C. Horn

D. Gear selector

8/ How to install the front basket on the folding trike?